Monday, July 13, 2015

Our New Home: The Weekend Before The Housewarming

Next Saturday (18th) M and I are having a little housewarming get together in our new place and we've invited a few people over to see it.

So basically, that has set the tone of house projects over the last few weeks and it kind of all came together...sort of...this weekend. In an effort to spare you the tedious details, I'll sum up the projects with bullet points and share some pics. A full house tour will come after the housewarming next week. I wanted to get as many projects done this past weekend as possible so that this coming weekend (pre-party) could be reserved for party prep and cleaning.

Here's what we accomplished on our to-do list:

  • Paint over chalkboard wall in the kitchen
  • Plant flowers in front flowerbed
  • Move Christmas decor from outdoor storage to attic
  • Pull up mint from flowerbed
  • Fix doorbell
  • Fix ceiling fan in living room
  • Hang drapes in living room and kitchen
  • Spackle/paint holes in wall: master bath, living room, kitchen, man cave
  • Get decor for accent wall in kitchen
  • Purchase baskets for under the stairs
  • Take down vertical blinds in kitchen

Here's what we still have to do before the party:

  • Finish accent wall decor (it's halfway done)
  • Match master bathroom paint and touch up (we used the paint the previous homeowners left us and it's not the same color in the master we need to go buy some)
  • Clear surfaces and organize
  • Food prep
I also mastered the art of returning things this weekend. Usually, I'm not one to return things but I bought about 17 sets of curtains before I decided on the final ones and I bought a shelf that I do not love so both of those went back! 

I purchased and planted some beautiful Vinca along the front walkway. The rest of the flowerbed will just have to wait. We have a ginormous Juniper that I want to get rid of but that's a full-day's project.

The accent wall (blue) is up! I need to finish accessorizing and then I'll post a pic.

We scored this little canvas on clearance at Homegoods and put it in the guest bath (also M's bathroom). We wanted to put it over the toilet because we are 7 years old and love toilet humor but there's a window over the toilet. So we settled for NEAR the toilet and over the towel rack.

More pics to come later in the week! Come back on Thursday for my VERY FIRST EVER Thursday Thoughts link up party!

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