Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Worst Nightmare - The Tale of the Night Visitor

Last night one of my worst nightmares happened.

I opened the door to let Hewitt out right before bed. It was dark out and he just goes to pee in the bush and comes back in. I went into our bedroom and M came downstairs shortly after. Our bedroom light was on but the light in the living room was off. He came down and stopped at the entrance to our bedroom and told me to turn on the light. I did. Then he told me to close the door.

Now I'm freaked.

I close the door slightly but peek out and see what has capture M's attention. THERE IT IS. ON OUR COUCH! A DISGUSTING TREE FROG. Just sitting there for all to see. I almost peed my pants and squealed. I hate frogs so much. Well, I hate all things that hop and one of my biggest fears is that a frog will get loose in the house and we can't catch it.

Well, friends, that is exactly what happened. M is trying to catch it and it's hopping away behind the furniture. I'm alternating between squealing and gagging in disgust and yelling at M not to kill it. (if it were a cricket or grasshopper...which I equally hate, I would tell M to destroy it, but frogs are bigger and have faces...and thus, according to my logic, can feel pain.) I want M to catch it and take it back outside far away from our house.

After what seemed like 20 minutes of furniture moving, laughing (M), squealing (me), Hewitt barking and joining in on the fun and running around, M finally caught the little bugger and put him outside.

Needless to say, my adrenaline was at an all-time high and it took me a while to get to sleep. :(

I relayed the story to my sister this morning, who promptly sent me this meme and told me that it probably laid eggs in my house.

I relayed the story to my coworker who said, "That is worst nightmare? Really?". To which I replied that it was one of them. The others: dying in a house fire, dying suddenly so the paramedics find my body without cute underwear on. 

It's a legit fear. Frogs in your house. I don't know if I can handle another episode like that so I'll make sure to shut the door when I let Hewitt out at night and guard the doorway with my life.


  1. Ha, you would have died. When we were little we used to catch frogs and bring them in the house. When I sort of grew out of that, my brother would catch frogs AND snakes and bring them in and it was so gross!

  2. We've had two froggies on our house so far this summer. I had to catch them both! Why in the world would they want in?


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