Thursday, July 9, 2015

Join Me for a Weekly Linkup - Thursday Thoughts!

I've been thinking about hosting a weekly link up for a long time. I love linking up with other blogs so why not host my own?! But it's hard when a lot of them are themed because my writing inspo doesn't always tie in.

Enter a weekly link up that only has the day in common. (basically it's genius, right?)

Starting next Thursday, July 23rd, join me for the inaugural Thursday Thoughts link up party! Here are the details:

When: Thursdays, starting July 23, 2015
What: Blog about anything! As long as it is your thoughts/musings/ramblings/ideas, go for it!
Why: To find more awesome blogs to read. And to interact more with other cool bloggers.
Where: Here on TSF (

Now, here's the plea...

Prettyprettypleasewithsugarandcherriesandsprinklesandhotfudgesauceontopwillyoupleasejoinmeformyfirstbloglinkupnextweek? Iwillbeyourbestestfriendifyoudoandwillthankyousomuch!


Today's Thursday Thoughts:
1. Yay SC. Finally.
I'm about as authentically Southern as you can be and my family has lived in SC for almost 300 years. I'm all about history, but I'm also for progress and moving forward. Let's not keep these hurtful and often anger-inciting reminders of the past on government buildings. Put them in a museum where they belong. #proudtobefromsc

2. I'd pretty much decided that I wanted to stain (not paint) my cabinets until M gave me the bad news that only the fronts are real wood. Sigh. Back to the drawing board. However, Ikea has a different idea as to what kitchens in the future will look like.

3. HAHA, these ridiculous captions on photos of the British royal family had me snickering at work.

4.  Isn't this the truth?!

Happy Thursday, or as I like to say, Friday eve. :)


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