Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Friday eve, y'all! It's Thursday and do you know what that means? It's time for Thursday Thoughts. Yes, the random, strange post of sound bytes from my week. I hope you can join in on the fun and link up below! The rules are simple: if you blog on Thursdays, link up your post. It can be about ANYTHING!!

Also, today's edition will include gifs...because....I'm obsessed with them. The end.

//1. I bought these to keep under my desk at work. I've actually been using them quite a bit, which is great cardio when I'd otherwise be just sitting at my desk. The two downsides: they sometimes make noise/squeak and I feel like I can just eat whatever since I'm "active" during the day. BAHAHA.

//2. I'm hosting my wine club this Friday. I'm excited but also a little nervous. I've entertained plenty before but this is a wine tasting so I feel like that automatically makes it more fancy?? The theme is California Dreaming (we're going through all the California AVAs and sampling different reds). Funk you, fancy tablescapes! 

//3. My (younger) coworker keeps me on the up-and-up when it comes to lingo and language. He's the one who taught me about the word "shade". I now use this almost daily...especially at work...when shade is thrown continuously. 


Watch Lohanthony interview the legendary RuPaul! 

//4. After our housewarming party, we are finally to a stopping point with house stuff. Now, we have a few big projects we want to tackle eventually, but every room has paint, art, furniture, decor, etc. Whew! 

//5. On a serious note, I've been following Leslie's blog, A Blonde Ambition for years and I found out that she passed away earlier this week. It's so sad. She has two precious girls and it's heartbreaking. Her husband set up a Go Fund Me page to help fund her girls' college educations down the road. I know Leslie was a believer, but that doesn't make her death hurt any less. I'm praying for her family and hope you will too, if you're the praying type. #rememberingleslie

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  1. I'm confused. What did you buy to use under your desk? Without a doubt, I could not use the term "shade" properly if I was challenged to do so. I'm so uncool. I did a random thoughts post this Tuesday. I should have held off until Thursday. My bad :(

  2. I added my link. You gotta check out Cosmo's new shirt!

  3. I heard someone say shade recently and I had no idea what it meant lol! I need some younger, hip coworkers to keep me in the loop! :)


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