Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

//1. Never have I ever stayed up all night. Like ever in my life. I've always managed to fall asleep for least an hour or two. Tuesday night was the first time I've stayed awake. To start off, I had caffeine before bed (no-no!) and couldn't fall asleep. Then around 11:30 pm Hewitt woke us up whining. After multiple rounds of outside for bathroom, food, water, etc. we realized that he wasn't hungry or thirsty but was in pain/uncomfortable. He has a small cyst on his neck that he's had for a while (most old dogs get them) that has never been trouble before...well it either ruptured or he scratched it off last night and he was in pain. It was bleeding and such. Ugh. Poor thing was scratching and pawing and rubbing his neck/head on the rug because it was so uncomfortable. I spent the evening/morning alternating between hot/cold compresses (and wrestling a squirmy dog) and trying to apply antibiotic cream until my vet opened and I could take him. Never will I ever (hopefully) stay up all night again. Wednesday, I was a zombie.

//2. This week's rant will be about my work's wifi. WHY does it never work? We literally have like 4 wifi networks and none of them work. I can't connect my phone and I can't connect the iPod that I use to manage social media. Um, like this is affecting my job!?!?!?!

//3. You guys. I ate olives for the first time in my life this week. I had the Muffalutta cheese bread at Mellow Mushroom with the olive tapenade and it was actually good. Olives don't have much of a taste...just a strange texture...kind of like wet velvet.

And now for some GIFts:

when pop stars subtweet each other

When my coworkers start becoming heated in their opinions during meetings. :)

when it’s 100 degrees and I see someone who still looks flawless

On post-gym selfies on Instagram where you have your hair down and straight and no visible sweat.

me all summer

Ain't this the dang truth...

Me looking at a 92 photos of your child with their smash cake. Literally. 

Seeing drama erupting between friends ON FACEBOOK

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  1. I love olives!

    Poor Hewitt. The last time I was up all night was with Gus.

  2. I have not had an all nighter due to an animal. My all-nighters have come from volunteering at youth lock ins and once in college for a project. Poor Hewitt! I'm not a fan of olives, but I might try them as a spread.


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