Monday, July 6, 2015

4th Weekend Recap

This weekend was a doozy, for sure. Let me first apologize for the duplicate photos that I posted on social media. I tried to save some for the blog, but I couldn't save them all. :)

Friday morning, I drove down to my second favorite city in the country (Charleston, SC) to visit my older sister who lives there. Friday was a day of sister time with some shopping and thunderstorm dodging thrown in the mix.

Our honorary sibling joined us on Friday evening. He's my sister's half brother...but not my brother. My older sis is technically my half-sister, so he's my half-sister's half brother. In no way blood related, but an honorary sibling nonetheless. You know how we do in the South...

This is when I decided to bring out the selfie stick. I got a new one that is wired and has a button on the handle...much easier to use than the remote one I had before. (it took forever to connect to my phone via bluetooth) You'll see the progression below of us getting used to the selfie stick. 

The rest of the evening pretty much included music, conversation, wine and food.

Saturday was a day to celebrate our country's birthday. We decided to celebrate in a very traditional Southern way...which was going out on my brother-in-law's boat and anchoring near a bunch of other boats behind Sullivan's Island, SC and people watching, of course.

These fools. 

The weather was beautiful and the water was a bit choppy so it was a fun boat ride. We went under the Ravenel bridge, passed Fort Sumter and even saw this old school schooner boat!

This is the repeat from Instagram. It really captures the day well so I included it.

We saw a guy dressed sort of like Uncle Sam on one of those water jet ski in the air things. I have no idea what they are called but he was fun to watch. 

I drove back home on Saturday night in time to comfort my pitiful dog-child as he cowered in terror under a bench in fear of the fireworks. Poor thing. 

Sunday was church, a little shopping with a friend, and then this...

Yes, that is a huge pile of mint that I pulled up from the front flowerbed at our new house. The bed was overrun with it. Whoever decided to plant it directly into the ground...curse you. I did take a few sprigs and plant them into a pot. For later. :)

I'm also attempting to pull up a huge juniper bush...aka the subdivision-developers-favorite-cover-all-for-yards so that I can plant some flowers. It's huge though so more pics to come later.

Whew that was a packed weekend. What did you do over the long weekend?


  1. Mint takes over EVERYTHING.

    I loved all of your photos on Instagram. Looks like a ton of fun!

    My selfie stick has to connect to blue tooth. I hate it. Which one did you get that doesn't have to do that?

  2. The polka dot throwback swimsuit is all kinds of adorable!~ An evening of music, conversation, wine, and food sounds pretty perfect.

  3. looks like fun!!! and awww about your dog. So, so cute.


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