Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Our New Home: Home Tour Part 1 - Main Living Area

So the original plan was to do an entire home tour in one blog post, but due to some camera issues (so many of the photos I took were really blurry...which I later figured out was because of fingerprints on the lens!) or lighting issues. Then I got to thinking that it probably would be a really long and detailed post if I did it all at once, so I'm splitting it up. Once I figured out the issue with the photos, I went back a took the ones of the main living area yesterday. 

So coming in from the front door is the main living room on the left. To the right is the master bed/bath and straight back is the kitchen. Today, I'll show you some pictures of the main living area and the accent wall in our kitchen. :)

Two slightly different angles to show you kind of how the room is set up. To the right of the bookshelf is the entrance to the kitchen. Also, the wall with the art is really, REALLY huge (like 20+ feet) so we will eventually want to do something different on this wall. We originally had our photo gallery here but the wall just dwarfed it. We'll probably need to do one big piece of art or a few more about the size of the ones we already have.

That Hewitt has managed to find himself in a lot of my house pictures. :) He kind of blends in with the floors. 

One of my favorite parts of the main living area. I sort of stumbled into it...I wanted to keep the mantle fairly monochromatic since I felt like there were a lot of colors right next to it (the bookshelf). The taper candle holders were wedding gifts and the one on the far left with the three balls on it was our unity candle at our wedding. I got the "vase" (not sure if that's what it really is!!) at Homegoods on clearance for $2 and the rest I just had around the house...including my hurricane lantern thingy that I just placed on the stand that came with my Pampered Chef Trifle Bowl. Shhhh....you can't tell.

Yes, my bookshelf is kind of in color order and yes it was intentional. It gives me a sense of peace to see things in color order. And yes, I like owls. :)

This a close up of the side table in between the sofa and loveseat. I am obsessed with little "vignettes" like this. I haven't made a lot in the rest of the house yet but as I do I will share them. 

And last but not least, here's a teaser for the kitchen tour. 

That dog again. :) No but the kitchen is the area that needed (and still needs) the most improvement. More to come later. For now, y'all will have to suffice with the living room and kitchen accent wall. 

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  1. I love the blue of the accent wall!

    I have vignettes all over my house. I'm a big fan.

  2. So pretty!! And, so April. Hewitt looks so comfy. :)

  3. Loved this since I missed the open house. And so did Eric. :)


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