Friday, August 7, 2015

From a Woman Who Loves Football: Treat Me the Same!

Dear Tampa Bay Buccaneers,

I would like to offer you some advice from a woman NFL football fan.

Please, just treat us like you do male fans. We don't need special clubs for female fans. We don't want "movements" just for women. Heck, I'm not even a fan of tacky pink and glittery jerseys.

And we, most certainly, do not need "exclusive networking events throughout the year designed to encourage interaction while providing practical advice on how to express their love... into original design projects, fashion-forward team apparel and creative culinary creations."

Say what? Yes, I'm referring to your RED movement.

"Through exclusive offerings and experiences, our female fans will have the opportunity to not only add to their knowledge of the game they love, but also to help create a community through RED and own the way they enjoy football.”

You go on to explain that you will have a launch party with "gameday style tips from local area experts, and even a RED Lifestyle Lounge session to educate attendees on the art of incorporating their passion for the Bucs into their other lifestyle interests such as tailgating and home entertaining."

Bucs, as a football fan (who just happens to be female) I must express my disappointment in this campaign. Can't we all just be FANS? Regardless of the fact that you think Pinterest and fashion are the way to most women's hearts (and arguably it is for many) why not just let the fantastic-ness of the game of football be the drawing factor? Why emphasize our diversity and not just embrace it?

I think you can do better.


An NFL fan

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  1. This entire thing disgusts me. I don't even like football but it sounded to me like they didn't think women could possible know football as well as or love football as much as men, which I think is total bs.


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