Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Ah Thursday. I love seeing you every week....because it means we are closer to the weekend. Hallelu.

//1. I usually do my self-tanning regimen in the evenings. The last few times, however, I've woken up to some major splotchies. The latest one was right underneath my chin. Maybe I shouldn't do it right before bed??

me getting ready for a date

//2. Along those same lines. I need some dark colored sheets. We only have light colored sheets that fit our King bed. But King sheets are so expensive.... :(

//3. I can feel my late summer allergies starting to creep up...starting with a dry throat. No ma'am! I will not get another sinus infection. 

//4. I'm going to Chicago for a work trip in November. I've been to Chicago once before in May and I loved it. However, it's mid-November. In Chicago. Anyone got any advice for places to go/do and how the weather might be? 

Alright, that's all I have for y'all today. Will you link up below? Just add your blog post about anything! As long as you blog on Thursdays, you're good! YAY! Happy Thursday! All GIFs via.


  1. I have super cheap sheets that I love. As in I got rid of all of my more expensive sheets and use three sets of these exclusively.

  2. I went to Chicago in January 2014 and it was miserable... and I'm from Boston!! I will say the best indoor place we went was their aquarium. It's huge and beautiful!

    1. OH YES! I forgot they have an aquarium and I love aquariums! Great suggestion!

  3. I commented. My computer dropped its connection. Comment lost. BOO!

    I was going to say how I haven't watched RHONJ since its first season. Teresa's cosmetic surgery "enhancements" are lookin' pretty scary from that gif.


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