Monday, March 14, 2016


My friend Daniel posted this as a list on The List App and I loved it so much and thought it so relevant, that I'm posting here. Without further adieu...


You'll never get everybody to like you and/or agree with you.
1. Their loss. 2. Keep trying if it's a worthy battle.

Everybody is scraping by the best that they know how. 
The world is simultaneously awe inspiring and terrifying in its scope and complexity. Nobody has it figured out. Look for people filled with wonder. Avoid people who think they know everything.

Your worldview is based on assumptions.
And so is everyone else's. You may not find comfort in this, but you should find compassion. We're all just guessing. Read Hume and laugh it off.

Seek out dissenting views. 
Try to understand them. Don't shun people who don't think like you. Hold only a few core beliefs tightly. Debate and don't be afraid to admit if you turn out to be wrong.

You are more than your sexuality.
Our culture is obsessed with sex (in all fairness it is amazing). We have made the mistake of making our sexuality our primary identifier. No doubt it plays an important role, but remember you are so much more besides.

Be confident - but not arrogant.
There are areas where natural talent will get you pretty far. Hard work will take you farther. Know that you are capable of great things. Be humbled by remembering that everyone else is also capable of great things.

You will get hurt. 
Life is a full contact sport. Get back up. It's always worth it. Also, finding love can be a serious pain. Choose carefully to minimize heartache.

You are loved. 
You were lucky to be born into a family that full on loves you and each other. Not everyone has (or had) that. Adjust accordingly. Show love when possible.

A choice once made isn't made forever.
They are made continually. Your current actions are your only actual choices. Confirm with resounding frequency your good choices (marriage, life goals, charity) and don't be afraid to turn your back on bad choices (abusive relationships, a great paying job that makes you miserable).

News networks are selling a product. 
And I don't mean the commercials. They know their demographic and they give them what they want. Try to get your news from another country - they are less biased (because they don't have anything at stake).

Arguments that only appeal to emotion and don't present facts are weak. 
You can be emotional when delivering facts - though be aware that if you're ALWAYS emotional empaths will find you exhausting. Back up important arguments with facts. On the receiving end, be aware of your emotional states when receiving information. It's easy to be emotionally manipulated. Especially in a group.

Hard work doesn't always lead to wealth.
Luck plays a part too. Not all poor people are lazy and not all rich people worked for it. Anybody who tells you different is probably a politician or rich and not thankful enough.

Separation of Church and State is a good thing.
(For clarity - I'm a Christian.) Trying to turn ever religious belief into a law isn't good. 1. You'll be trying to hold people to standards that they don't accept and 2. you'll make your beliefs that much less appealing. If there is an exception worth fighting for, you'll know it.

Always be concerned with justice.
Find what is right. Find what is true. Fight like hell for those things.

Eating well and exercising is good for your body and mind.
Your diet and energy level can affect your mood. It's crazy. Do you best to keep your body happy. (For me it's greens and moderate exercise, for a close friend it's pasta and extreme endurance -find out what works for your body.)

Drive safely.
My dad impressed upon me his belief that cars are lethal weapons. If you treat them as such and handle them with care lives will literally be saved. Also don't drive drunk. Volunteer to be the DD if and when you need to.

Avoid being passive aggressive.
Just don't do it. Nobody likes that.

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