Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Work GIFs

It's 7:24 am and I've already been enraged twice by my coworkers. I hope you enjoy these snarky work-themed GIFs as much as I will...

RealityTVGIFs real housewives work rhoa real housewives of atlanta
Yes, I'm a time watcher. I see when you come in late and leave early and I silently hate you for it.

RealityTVGIFs work tv real housewives reality tv
When I see people online shopping, or worse, having conversations for an hour about non-work things. Also, see above.

work tv reblog oh ha
See #1. Obviously this is a big deal to me. I put in my 9+ hours and you should too. 

RealityTVGIFs food coma jet lag school real housewives
Oh...sorry. I fell asleep. You're doing what with your kids/family/dogs/etc. this weekend?

amy poehler thumbs up you got this angry work
When someone says they are going to chance eating something that has been in the fridge for 2 weeks.

night work moment laptop
When a C-suite walks down by my desk...

the office tell me more smile michael scott go on
When you tell me you are "absolutely slammed" with work yet I see you posting crap to Facebook during the day.

the office mindy kaling kelly kapoor
When I ask you "How are you doing?" and I get back an complete diatribe on how your life is awful, your antibiotics aren't working and your boss hates you. 

Happy Friday!


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