Monday, March 28, 2016

Springy To-Do List

Now that spring is officially here, there are a number of things on my "Springy To-Do List".

via Unsplash

1. Start incorporating more fresh flowers in my house and use this pin to do a better job at arranging them.
2. Along those lines, I'd like to start planning a flower garden in my backyard. I live in Zone 8a (USDA Plant Hardiness Zone) so if anyone else is a fellow Zone 8a-er and has any suggestions for what does well in red clay soil, I'm all ears!
3. Deep clean my house. I might actually hire someone. It's so much easier to do the heavy, heavy cleaning that is hard to keep up with. #judgmentfreezone
4. Spruce up our back patio and front porch. Maybe add planters or rearrange?
5. Hike, hike and hike! There are few new trails I found out about near our house we haven't tried yet.
6. Use my new camera and take some nature shots. I really struggle with making time for this. It's such a joy of mine and I rarely make time for it.
7. Spring-ize my mantel. It's currently in winter mode.

What about you? What's on your spring to-do list?

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  1. I need to research perennials...I want to plant less annuals every year. So that's what's going on here!

    A regular cleaning lady is one of the best decisions I've ever made. So don't feel bad about hiring out for deep cleaning.


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