Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cleaning Up My Personal Products: Lipstick

For awhile I've been on this Mother Earth/Vegan/Clean kick with certain things I use. I'm still contemplating going pollo vegetarian...more on that later.

But I have been making a concerted effort to "clean" up my makeup, hair and skin products. I have makeup on my face sometimes 15-16 hours a day and I wash my hair every other day (usually) so it makes sense that I try to make some of my workhorse products greener, cleaner and more natural.

First, off, I decided to try lipstick. A note on me and lipstick...I've been wearing some form of lip product since the 6th grade. I remember my first (and last) experiment with metallic silver lipstick in 1997...bless. Anywho, I'm a lipstick girl. So, this was my first foray into more natural makeup.

Conveniently, I'd been dealing with what I'd describe as a lip allergy. My trusty standby lipstick started making my lips swell and chap and they became extraordinarily dry. I tried a couple other back up lipsticks but they all irritated my lips like crazy. Even my beloved Bobbi I decided I needed to find something natural without all the parabens, sulfates anphthalates and it's also vegan. It was the highest rated lipstick I found, so I slipped out to my local Sephora on my lunch break (did I tell y'all I work across the street from a mall?) and bought a tube. (Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Sake)

I exclusively started using this along with Aquaphor lip therapy when I wasn't wearing lipstick around the house for 3 weeks. And guess what? My lip issues pretty much stopped. No more chapped or swollen lips. Imagine that! 

I've since introduced another natural, vegan lipstick from Arbonne (Arbonne Smoothed Over lipstick in Rose) and that has also not had any reactions. So, yeah, the girl that used to own hundreds of lip products now has 4: the Aquaphor Lip Therapy, Arbonne Lipstick, Bite Beauty Lipstick and Fresh Sugar Lipgloss...verdict still out on this too.

So far, so good with these. Have you tried to use any natural makeup or lip products?


  1. I Love the Magnolia Arbonne lipstick, it is great also to mix it with another color, resulting in a different shade! Tricia Gatto

  2. I love Arbonne's Aster lipstick with their Glossed over lip gloss Linden dotted over it for a great shine! My website is:, and I'd be happy to give your readers a sample.

  3. I love the Arbonne Hibiscus lipstick and the Pomegrenate lip liner ... for advice.


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