Friday, July 8, 2016

Western Canada Wardrobe Packing List

I know all of you are probably getting tired of hearing about our upcoming trip to Banff. Well, I'm sorry but you are going to have to endure it for a few more months...we leave August 19th!

I'm a super-planner. So naturally, when it comes to an international vacation in a climate I've never been to that has pretty unpredictable weather, there are many lists involved. At the moment I have a packing list, itinerary list, budget list and an activities list all for this trip. Yeah...

The hard part about planning a trip to the Western Canada area in the summer is that the weather can change pretty dramatically. We could have nearly 70 degree temps on the ground and then be closer to 50 degrees on mountains or at higher elevations. Night temps can drop to the 40s and it often can be both rainy and sunny in the same day. Needless to say there are a lot of factors that go into packing. Here's what I'm planning to take...

banff packing list

I need a variety of hiking friendly (outdoor friendly) outfits and some slightly dressier ones for dinners in Banff. My daytime attire will consist of some combination of long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, tank top and a piece of outerwear. (I'm bringing 2 vests, 1 light jacket, 1 fleece jacket and a rain jacket.) I'll be wearing workout leggings for most of our hiking days. I am hoping this will work.

Footwear will be hiking shoes, athletic shoes, flip flops and a pair of flats for dinners in town. Also, some good moisture-wicking athletic socks!

I'll also bring a couple of nicer tops or cardigans and a pair of jeans to wear in town. Finally, there will also be a few tank tops I can layer for hiking or wear under the cardigan or nicer tops. They are multi-functional.

Of course I'm bringing lots of other things like a backpack and gear, but that's for another blog post. So now, my questions...have any of you traveled to cooler climates like Western Canada and hiked? Will I be okay with workout leggings? That's my real concern. I can layer like nobody's business but if the pants are all wrong I'm screwed! Any advice?

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  1. I packed for our trip out west in the same way. I was actually hot on the bottom. I think you'll be okay!


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