Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

There are lots of things floating around in my head this morning...I figured it would be easier to blog it out.

one I was recently reminded of how much I loved Dunkaroos as a child. After researching them online I found out that they are still made in Canada and available on Amazon. So, I promptly ordered a 6 pack of the chocolate and a 6 pack of the vanilla with rainbow sprinkles and anxiously awaited their arrival.

I could barely contain myself when they were delivered and dove right into a pack. They. Were. Gross. They tasted nothing like I remembered and I was so sad that one of my favorite childhood snacks could deceive me so much. It was too sweet and too processed and chalky tasting. There are no words to describe the utter despair I felt...

two I made my very first diaper cake for a coworker's baby "sprinkle" and I'm obsessed. Only, I don't really know anyone else at the moment that is Also, yes, it does have a bottle of wine in it. Wine not? Something for the baby and something for the adults. :)

three I've only ever really bought makeup brushes from e.l.f. cosmetics but I was perusing their website last week and they were having a huge 50% off sale. (and their stuff is already VERY budget-friendly). I got a haul! I got a brow gel/powder kit, eyeliner, 3 lipsticks, cream eyeshadow, blush, facial moisturizer, concealer, an eyeshadow brush and a duo lip pencil for $27 shipped! So far I've tried the blush, brow kit and eyeliner and I'm a big fan!

four My fantasy football team is in the crapper this year. This is the worst I've EVER done. And I had a great roster at the beginning of the season but with injuries and such it's just been the pits. Every year I get depressed when my team doesn't win and every year I say I won't do it next year but then come August I start to get that itch. UGH.

five This meme is killing me lately. Why is it so funny? I will find myself thinking about it randomly and laughing...because it is so true!

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