Friday, October 14, 2016

What Makes Me Feel Peaceful

I could literally feel myself relaxing as I read Steph's post today so I figured it was a sign I'm meant to do my own version. Here are the things that make me feel peaceful...

  • Having a clean home when I'm "relaxing" (I cannot relax if I'm sitting in clutter or disarray)
  • Reading in my Snuggie on the couch
  • Rainy, cold days
  • An empty kitchen sink and cleared kitchen counter tops 
  • Throw pillows that are arranged correctly
  • This song...year-round
  • Content dog sounds (sighs, breathing, grunting, stretching, etc.)
  • Knowing I have nothing to do and nowhere to be
  • Hot soup
  • Prayer
  • Singing whatever song is on my mind at the moment 
  • Meal planning
  • Unplanned nature walks with my camera



  1. I love walking with my camera in nature. It's like you and your frame and it's awesome.

    And knowing I have nowhere to be and nothing to do is always an ahhh moment.

    You should link up with Alyssa's non blogging challenge!

  2. Some of the things that bring you peace, stress me the eff out. ha!
    I love the dog noises you describe.
    Manheim Steamroller reminds me of my stepmom that passed away from cancer. That was her favorite Christmas album.

  3. I can't relax if anything is out of place or needs cleaning either. Even if I can't see the mess, I know it's there and it drives me nuts! Having no commitments, obligations, responsibilities, or to-do list items to tend to... ahhhhh.

    Thanks for joining in!

  4. I especially agree with dog sounds and not having anything to do/anywhere to be! I always keep my camera in my purse. The one time I don't have it, I will probably see a UFO or Bigfoot.

  5. Nature walks with my camera are one of my favourite things. And I hate having stuff in the sink, I can deal with a few things on the counter if they're there for a reason but the sink HAS to be empty before I can relax!


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