Monday, April 23, 2018

Colourpop Makeup: Faves and Flops

Over the last year and a half or so I've really been getting into makeup. Well, starting to care more about makeup at least. Long ago, I discovered the power of lipstick and mascara for my fair skin and blonde eyelashes...however...I never really experimented or played with anything beyond the basics before.

In 2017 a coworker introduced me to Colourpop and thus my obsession with makeup was born. I know my last post talked about me not wanting to fake tan because I was doing it FOR OTHER PEOPLE. (and actually hated doing it) This is the opposite because I love makeup. I love trying new things and failing at them. Or trying new things and mastering a technique I never thought I could.

Anyway, that's your long-winded intro into my post about Colourpop. What is Colourpop? Well, despite the Euro spelling of the word "color" it's an American-made brand produced in a lab in California. It's cruelty free...which has become very important to me with makeup brands I purchase regularly. Also, it's REALLY inexpensive. But the quality is insanely good. So...let me recap: American-made, cruelty-free, inexpensive, excellent quality. Ummmm...why would I NOT love it?  In the last year and or so I've purchased quite a bit of Colourpop makeup and in case you've never heard of it or are interested in trying some items...I've summarized my faves and my flops below. Keep in mind these are what worked and didn't work for ME. For the record my skin is fair, sensitive and combination-but-leans-towards-dry. :)

Alyssa Ultra Satin Lip || Dopey Ultra Satin Lip || Nillionaire Super Shock Shadow || Set to Stun Super Shock Shadow || Snake Eyes Pressed Powder Shadow || Sea Stars Pressed Powder Shadow || Glass Bull Pressed Powder Shadow || You Had Me At Hello Palette

Alyssa and Dopey are the Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks I've purchased more than once in a year or so. That should tell you something. I found I much preferred the Ultra Satin Lip formula over the Ultra Matte Lip formula since it's less drying. I also found that for the Super Shock Shadows (which are a cream shadow texture) I prefer the glitter or metallic. Nillionaire and Set to Stun are amazing alone or over other shadows to give it a shimmery effect. Sea Stars and Snake Eyes are pretty much my go-to everyday eyeshadows. I can blend Sea Stars in the crease and Snake Eyes on the mobile lid and it's just beautiful. Glass Bull is probably my absolute favorite single shadow of all time. I'm not being dramatic. It's the most unique, interesting shadow ever. It's beautiful on it's own but adds a gorgeous green/teal/blue shimmer to the top of any other shadow with a brown or amber flip. I wear this just by itself and it's amazing! I have a few CP eyeshadow palettes but hands-done the You Had Me At Hello palette is my favorite. I've used every single color in it...which is a big deal!

Viper Ultra Matte Lip || Split Ultra Blotted Lip || Co-Pilot Super Shock Shadow || No Promises Super Shock Shadow || Sideline Pressed Powder Shadow || Tea Garden Pressed Powder Shadow || Dragonfly Pressed Powder Shadow || Mothership Supernova Shadow

As I mentioned previously, I do not love the Ultra Matte or Ultra Blotted Lip formulas. The UML is too drying and they all dry incredibly dark. The UBL is just weird. It's patchy and strange. Not a fan. I've blogged about Co-Pilot before but it's not pink on my eyelids...but a whitish pink wash. I was hoping for more of a pale pink but it also could be because my skin is sort of pale pink. :) I don't like the Super Shock Shadows in the matte formula. They just don't stay on well for me. The two green pressed shadows are beautiful in the pan but look gross on me. Sideline is basically just a weird gray and Tea Garden looks almost exactly like another CP eyeshadow I already have. It's basically an amber/brown with a pale green duo-chrome and it's just not the beautiful green I was hoping for. Dragonfly comes off more brown than purple so it looks a little dead when worn by itself. However I can use it as a base for a more vibrant purple and it's nice. Lastly, Mothership was a disaster. It's a liquid eyeshadow and until I got a different brand to try in a Boxycharm subscription box, this made me swear off of ALL liquid eyeshadows. It's streaky, chunky and not at all what I wanted. Sigh...maybe I should just cool it with green eye things huh?

Have you tried Colourpop products? If so which ones do you like?

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