Monday, April 30, 2018

Slot Machines and Bicycle Seats

This past weekend was a little insane. Well, for me at least. I typically have few plans on the weekends and I rarely travel a lot. However, this weekend included both. (I work Sunday through Thursday so my weekends are Friday and Saturday.)

Thursday night - Friday night
M and I left Thursday evening (well more like afternoon) and drove 3 hours from SC into the NC mountains. The next 24 hours were spent eating, gambling, losing at gambling, shopping and walking around in the quaint little "downtown" area of Cherokee

Best Parts - eating carbs (M and I temporarily suspended our keto diets for this weekend)/being with my in-laws
Worst Part - gambling (it's just not my scene and it's smoky and loud and gross)

I got up early Saturday and drove from NC to TN so that I could bike down the Virginia Creeper trail in VA. It was my best friend's birthday on Saturday and they were staying at a house just over the VA/TN line. I met them there and we rode to the trail together. The trail was a lot of fun but I haven't been on a bike in at least a decade. AT LEAST.

Best Parts - the scenery of the trail and being with my friends
Worst Part - sore butt from the bike seat (it took us about 5 hours total to do the 17 mile trail including breaks and a lunch stop)


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