Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the most wonderful thing about giving

Often, people will say, "Oh, I don't really care about getting gifts...I just enjoy giving them." Usually, when I would hear that, I would think that those people are lying and they're really just mad that they didn't get any good gifts, so they decided to remain pretentious about giving them over getting them. Bah. Because, everyone loves getting gifts, right? I've begun to realize that there really is so much more emotion, effort and energy tied into giving gifts. Well, at least for me, anyway. You see, I spend a long time planning out what I want to get someone, searching out the best place to get it, purchasing it and finally wrapping it. So, the actual gift opening is the culmination of a long thought process and research into the recipient and their needs/wants. It's so much more than wrapping up a pair of socks and putting them under a tree. Every second of the wrapping and unwrapping process builds anticipation to when the person actually sees what you gave them...and hopefully...loves it.
As I've been lovingly wrapping Christmas gifts that I've been purchasing since October, I realized that I no longer think the way I used to about those people who say, "I don't really care about getting gifts, I just enjoy giving them". I am sincerely becoming one of those people.


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