Wednesday, November 17, 2010

to do: christmas ornaments sort

Admittedly, I'm a Christmas FREAK. I've been known to start decorating REALLY early and go all out with trees, ornaments, lights, etc.

But, as I moved into my new place this summer, I realized that I have a LOT of Christmas stuff. I mean, A LOT. Like, my attic is full of only Christmas stuff. (I know) So, this weekend, I think I'm going to drag it all down and go through it, piece by piece, and only keep the stuff I know I'll use or that's sentimental.

Everything else, I'll pass along to my friends or family who would like them. It's really a win-win-win, if you think about it. I win because I purge some of the depths of my Saint Nick nightmare attic, my friends/family wins because they get free Christmas decorations, and the earth wins because it's re-using stuff instead of buying new. It's green! And red! And, actually lots of other colors too!

Interested in becoming a new owner of some of my dearly departed decor? Let me know!

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