Friday, November 12, 2010

reader's review: how to be lost

Hello my name is April and I'm a read-aholic. I admit that it's an understatement to call myself an avid reader, however, despite the enormous quantities of books I devour, rarely do I come across a book that *moves* me.

Amanda Eyre Ward's How to Be Lost was purchased at a secondhand store on a whim and turned out to be a keeper instead of one that I pass on to someone else like normal. This book cleverly and brilliantly tells the story of a woman who works as a cocktail waitress in New Orleans. She is slowly coming undone as her future seems directionless. So she sets our in search of her younger sister who disappeared as a child. Scattered throughout her journey are the stories of her family, their past, and her parents' past that are intertwined with letters and stories of other people. Both light-hearted and dramatic elements of this book help to keep the reader engaged throughout.

Reading this book might cause you to rexamine your familial relationships as it did for me.


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