Friday, December 28, 2012

best blog posts of 2012

2012 has been a pretty good year all around.
Well, for me, at least.
How about I share some of my favorite (and your favorite...based on the number of views) blog posts from this past year?
Some of your fave posts:
Who knew my post geared 100% towards men would be so popular?
I could pretty much guess that this was a favorite. Everyone loves outfit posts and everyone loves color. :)
My first venture into an outfit post dedicated to statement necklaces continues to get lots of views. Everyone loves their statement necklaces, it seems.
I copied an outfit look from a blog I read a lot and the author of the blog saw it! She asked me if she could use my photo for her blog showing how I replicated her look. Um, yes!!
This outfit post that combines football AND fashion is pretty high on my favorites list as well!
A few western influences in an outfit seem to get quite a bit of attention.
Some of my fave posts:
Not surprisingly, many of my favorite posts from this year were either mostly personal or mostly funny. There were a few fashion posts sprinkled in my faves as well.
The reason(s) behind my move from Wilmington back to Charlotte.
How I wear the same things over and over again and still pull it off. ;)
Musings on my current relationship status.
There really is an "art" to how I choose to root for football teams.
Maybe I liked this because I was just quasi-obsessed with the Olympics. Either way, it was a fave.

I'll close this post with my favorite blog photo from this year. Well, okay, it might not be my absolute favorite, but definitely one of the top.
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Good day to you!

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