Monday, December 31, 2012

OOTD: winter watermelon

Cardigan // Top: Target (similar) // Jeans // Necklace: JCrew via Ebay // Shoes

I'm often drawn to wearing bright colors in the winter, like this watermelon pink top. I guess there was some unwritten rule somewhere that winter is the season to wear neutrals...but I'm a born rule breaker.* Also, now that I've posted this photo, I fully realize that the two pictures on the right are reminiscent of the old "kneel down on your shoes" trick to make your legs look really short. Eh... And you should forgive the crooked waistband. I have 10 seconds to walk from behind the camera to my position and post. Slight wardrobe malfunctions will just have to happen. HA!

*I'm really not a rule breaker. I'm actually a huge rule follower but I like to think I could break fashion rules.  I mean, I have worn white after Labor Day...

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  1. Love this look April! Cardigans are probably my favorite clothing item and I love how you matched yours with a bubble necklace :) Stopping by via YoloMondays, hope you have a wonderful New Year!


  2. I am loving hot pink right now! Happy new years too!

  3. Loving that pop of color and the way the necklace just stands out! New follower from Wardrobe Wednesday hop!

  4. I love, love that beautiful watermelon pop. Like you I am total rule keeper fashion is about the only thing I'd dare to break the rules for! Thanks for being part of Wardrobe Weds :o)

  5. I need to get more color into my winter that pop in your outfit!


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  6. Very pretty... How brave of you, wild thing! :)

  7. Great outfit! I love wearing brights in the winter. ;) And I love your grey bubble necklace. So pretty. :)

  8. This colour is perfect for you! I'm all about bright colours all year long so I guess I'm a rule breaker too:)

    Pink Chai Style

  9. I have to tell you I went shopping and tried really hard to find pieces that I wouldn't usually wear. When are you planning a beach'd have a free place to stay...


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