Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Question on Dating

Well, y'all. It's that time again. It's time I venture back into dating and as I normally do, I choose my men whilst perusing the InternetS. It's no secret that I'm a fan of online dating sites...for a number of reasons.

However, I'm not sure if this is something that you, my readers, would be interested in hearing about?

Based on my last few experiences with online dating, I'm bound to have some interesting stories as I venture into this again. I guess I just wonder if anyone cares to read about that type of thing or should I just stick to what I normally blog about? (Which...really isn't anything concrete either, actually. BAHAHA!)

AND, while we're on the subject...have any of you ever used a dating website before? Thoughts? Comments?

I can't wait to hear from you!!



  1. I'd love to hear about your experiences!
    I actually met my boyfriend of a year and a half who I now live with, on I'd been hesitant about using Match since I heard it's basically the place that guys go to find girls to hook up with. But, there ARE good guys on there...just gotta look and choose wisely.
    My boyfriend was actually the first, and only, date that I went on from Match. Worked out pretty well for me! :)
    Good luck!! :)

  2. Just met a couple the other night who met on match, and they have been dating for a few months now. Give it a shot! I'd love to hear about it :)

  3. I definitely think this is an experience ripe for blogging.

  4. I'd love to hear about it. I just ventured into online dating myself, so it'd be great to hear another perspective!

  5. I'd love to hear some stories, because I am a big skeptic of online dating.

  6. I met my fiance on It's free, so there's a ton of people who just want sex or are gross, and of course I had a few horridly bad dates. I also was in a poop relationship with a guy on there before I met Mike. But, seriously, I dont think we would have met without OKC and I've never been happier or more myself since. We started dating March 2010, made it official in October 2010, and got engaged in Paris on 10-11-12. We moved to California from NC and are getting married in 2014. I feel like i just gave you my life story, but I know that you CAN meet someone perfect for you on dating sites, just dont give up, be honest and don't be afraid of offending someone by not responding/not calling back, not going on a second date.


  7. I'm always interested in a good story.

    Two of my BFFs met their mates on eharmony.

  8. Would love to hear how it goes! I know many people young and old
    who have found love online!! Go for it..Mr. Flamingo is out there!

  9. I would love to hear about your online dating experiences. I met my fiancé on match and have to say I was very cynical at first. I kind of just joined because my friend kept telling me to do it. Yes there are some men who are looking for sex etc but I'm sure you meet just as many of these men in the usual places...bars, through friends, work etc.
    The one thing that has surprised me is the number of people who I didn't realise met online. They would tell me they met on a night out and them once I told them that I met my fiancé online they would reveal they had too. I think it's a lot more common than people realise. Anyway enough of my rambling, I would love to hear your thoughts/experiences on online dating! :)

  10. I think that you should share about your online experiences. Very blog worthy to me. But I love anything you write, so I am prob not a good test. KLB

  11. I met my sweetie on AOL almost 10 years ago. I'm a huge advocate for online dating especially for those of us (::cough:: me) who are socially just very shy etc. I do recommend though. It's a mixture of meeting people online who are LOCAL in particular interest groups. I'm sure if you search Charlotte you'll find "Christian Singles" or "NFL Fan Singles" etc...It will give you a common ground within the group I guess... Just a suggestion to check it out :) I belong to a vegetarian group and a working mom group here in the bay area. Though I don't use it for dating...I've made some new friends :)

    1. And yes I'd want to hear about your experiences!


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