Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chronicles of Online Dating: Episode 1

I recently posted about venturing back into the world of online dating sites again. I asked your input and whether or not you'd care to hear about my adventures. All of the responses I got were interested in hearing about my experiences.

So, let the chronicles begin!

After stints on both eHarmony and, I decided to switch it up and go for Christian Mingle this time. I do know someone who met their spouse on this website, so I decided it would be worth it to at least try.

Besides, it's only like $30 for one month. I know eHarmony is some exorbitant amount for one $60 or $80 or something crazy. I can deal with $30.

After the labor and toil that is actually creating my profile, I was ready to "mingle".

Oh, I should mention that at the point I was creating my profile my creativity level had sunk to a new low. So, I decided to reactivate my Match profile and copy most of the free-write bio section info into my new profile on Christian Mingle. Is that bad? I figured I got some pretty good hits using that at Match, so maybe it would work for me on the new site.

Downside- After briefly reactivating my Match profile long enough to get the information,  I came face-to-face with my ex's profile. Yep. It was right there on my home page as a "new match". Sigh. Is this how my new adventure was going to start?

Downside 2- Of course when I saw his profile, I had to snoop.

Downside 3- That butthead has photos on his profile that he CROPPED ME OUT OF!!!!! Hello? Isn't that one of the cardinal rules of online dating? Don't ever put an obviously cropped photo on your profile because it's always assumed that the person cropped out was a previous significant other.

Commence Match profile DEactivation.

End rabbit trail.

A few days after everything was up and approved in my profile I started getting "hits". Now, for every normal and decent communication you get a few creepers. Honestly, within the first few days I wasn't impressed with what I saw. Lots of older, creepy men "smiling" at my profile. Yuck. But, whatevs. These are probably the guys that smile or communicate with every woman on there. You know, the "super users". :) The guys who explain how well they will treat a woman in broken English and/or using text lingo.

"I luv 2 watch NASCAR and go 2 chruch. If u want 2 kno more, msg me."

Yeah, hooookay.

After a few more days, I started getting communications from [seemingly] normal, interesting guys.

Fast forward through the whole Christian Mingle message system to the exchanging email addresses dance and we arrive at where I am now. I may or may not have a date this weekend with someone I've been communicating with. Of course, I will be completely safe with this...because this ain't this girl's first rodeo, when it comes to online dating. But still, it gives me a sense of hope. And excitement.

Am I really going on my first date in well over a year? Quite possibly. You'll just have to tune in to the next episode of the Chronicles of Online Dating to find out what happened. :)


  1. I remember the "interesting" people you'd meet on online sites. I had been on match when I got out of grad school since I didnt know anyone in VA (and I worked at a school--not the place to meet men), and some reeeeeally weird creeper was persistent in messaging me (badgering me). The last time I was on Match about 5 years later, guess whose profile I saw? Ugh. People are weird. I'm glad you seem to have found a normal one. Keep at it, I found my boyfriend on Match, and he's everything I've been looking for. Good luck!!

  2. HOW EXCITING! And nerve-racking if you ask me. Can't wait to hear all about the date.
    And sorry you had to have a virtual run-in with your ex, but hopefully it showed you just how ready you are to move on.

  3. Oh girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! He didn't! So glad you are no longer attached to that one! Excited about Christian Mingle. There is some guy about to meet the most awesome April! Lucky fella.

  4. i love that you are sharing about online dating! i don't know many people who use this, so it's really fun to hear about!! hope your date goes well.

    new follower :)

  5. A few years back matched my sister with our cousin! Oops.

  6. Love this! I wish you luck this weekend!

    Chruch? Hello? No thanks.

    Also Who TF crops an ex out of a photo and uses it in his online dating profile?

  7. This post made me LOL. I'm so excited to hear more!

  8. I loved this post! You write with such humour. Good luck with your date! I can't wait to hear more about it :)


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