Friday, January 4, 2013

Hey, It's Okay!

Happy Friday, friends! It's time for another rendition of "Hey, it's okay!"

Hey, it's okay that I'll be going to see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER tonight.

Hey, it's okay to be a little underwhelmed at the thought of a normal 2-day weekend that precedes a normal 5-day work week after 2 weeks of holidays!

Hey, it's okay to have the deliciously lovely Matthew Crawley's photo as the lock screen on your iPhone.


Hey, it's okay to plan your Sunday evening completely around the premiere of Downton Abbey, season 3.

Hey, it's okay to not feel bad that you're taking the elevator to go up one floor when you're carrying a laptop, notebook and a water bottle. Laptops + stairs + heels = disaster

Hey, it's okay to not give a flying doughnut that Kim Kardashian is pregnant. Because I don't. Though, if you have any disdain for this particular bit of media frenzy, please, please, read this. (warning, it does contain slightly colorful language) I was literally silent laughing while reading this.

Hey, it's okay to have a Saturday night that consists of soup, House Hunters, a glass of wine and blog/Pinterest surfing. Wait...or is that just me? Meh.

Have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. We are twins. I kind of audibly gasp each time I see my lock screen with that amazing picture on it.

    I agree with all of these except for that first one. PLEASE tell me Amie is going with you. She's dying to see it again with someone for the first time.

    PS, that picture of Mister Matthew Crawley didn't come through. But when I clicked on it, I could see it.

    1. I mean, hey it's okay that it's your first time seeing the movie tonight, but that is the only one of your points that doesn't also fit me.


  2. That Saturday night sounds fabulous to me!

  3. I am ridiculously excited for the new season of Downton-- watched season 1 and 2 over again over the holiday.

  4. Hey, it's okay that when I glance at your blog url I read "The Flaming Oblog". Right?

    I canNOT wait for DA tomorrow!!! If you ever get to the point that you can part with Season One for a couple of days, I'd love to borrow. I am all too familiar with Season Two since I watch them over and over.

    Have you tried "Call the Midwife"? New love. KLB


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