Monday, December 3, 2012

weekend recap

Whew, what a weekend it has been y'all!

I started off by going shopping for some little kid gifts for a needy family my family has adopted. I get SO much joy out of shopping for causes like that. I don't know why, but I just had SO much fun!

It also could have been because a lot of the stuff I bought was Disney Princess-themed. Heh.

I also resorted to acting like a slug on Saturday and taking an afternoon nap. Yep. Like a 5 year old. However, when I woke up from my nap, my allergies were bothering me. I decided to wash my comforter thinking it was the dust.

When I looked at the label on the comforter for washing instructions, I discovered that it wasn't down alternative like I'd previously thought, but 100% down feather fill.

No biggie for most people, right? Well, folks, I happen to be HIGHLY allergic to feathers. My allergy to this is a fairly recent discovery, so it makes sense that I wouldn't have paid attention to it until now. However, I've had this comforter for over 5 years! No WONDER my allergies always bothered me in the morning!!!

Needless to say, I remedied my little no-comforter situation with a quick trip to Target for a DOWN ALTERNATIVE comforter. (I triple-checked it, y'all.) And I had a great night of sniff-free sleep for the first time in a long time!

Sunday was the fairly normal schedule of church, lunch and football, but it ended with a brief family Christmas photo session. I did some quick photo editing and a bit of design and came up with this...

I'm linking up with Sami & Dana & Leeann, Molly and Meg. Have a wonderful Monday!



  1. Such a cute card! Can't wait to get ours out.

  2. Yours is such a beautiful family! Also, i'll totally take your down comforter off your hands if you still have it lying around. : )

  3. Love seeing others Holiday cards! I'm here from 'Mingle Monday.' :) Cute blog!

  4. Oh that sucks about your comforter!

    Lovely card.

  5. Love the card-- those photos are awesome!

  6. Sending you Monday Mingle loving. My name is April also and I just love your about me page. So creative amd cute!


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