Friday, November 8, 2013

10 Human Behaviors I Find Puzzling

10. People who complain about being sick or in pain but don't do anything about it.
Or is that just all men?

9. Being overly dramatic.
Being dramatic only helps you if you're an actor or actress.

8. Parents who want to be their kids friends. 
Stop it. Your kids have enough friends. They need parents. Kthxbye.

7. Mouth Breathers
Stole this from Karly Kim...but it's so true. Mouth breathing is only acceptable after some form of physical activity...or if you are sick.

6. Asking for help ALL. THE. TIME.
Are you honestly completely incapable of doing anything for yourself? I think not. And did you really not learn how to do that the last 3 times I showed you?

5. People who drive loud cars.
Why? I don't get it. 

4. Twerking.
I know what it is. But what purpose does it serve? None, I suspect. Unless it's some amazing workout or something.

3. People who only have 1 set of sheets. 
Why have 1 when you can have 6? Duh!

2. Painting your entire body, be it for a sporting event or costume party.
That is my literal hell. You can't sit, scratch or touch anything...I'm itching just thinking about it.

1. People who are always ALWAYS listening to music. 
Remove your earbuds and enjoy the sounds of life for a while. 

Honorable Mention: People who post "throwback thursday" photos on IG that are from a year ago. Or 6 months ago. Stop it! Stopitrightnow!

Read the original (and much, MUCH funnier post) here. I will leave you lovelies with a little something to celebrate the weekend. Happy Friday!

Friday.. SO ME.


  1. I'm so relieved I don't do most of those. The only one I feel I definitely do is painting my whole body. I look forward to opportunities to paint my whole body. : )

  2. the subject line of your post and the graphic paired together in my reader made me worried you didn't approve of the friday night sweat pant attire. so glad to be wrong.

    i have to confess to #9 and #3, although I just got another set of sheets - scheduling laundry was crazy frustrating. this is much better.

    oh and #4. ;) don't tell.


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