Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This is How We Do It

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I mean, it IS a holiday centered around food and family...and fall...so it's already on my short list of favorites anyway.

But Thanksgiving in the South is probably even more unique than traditional Thanksgivings elsewhere in the country. And in typical form, we do things a little differently in my Southern household than most.

1. Thanksgiving ain't just about the turkey, y'all.
Often, depending on which side of the family I'm with, Thanksgiving might not include turkey at all. Or, we have turkey and a ham. Didn't y'all know that ham is one of the 7 Southern food groups?

2. We don't dress up.
Now, this might just be more my family than the South-in general, but my family doesn't dress up for Thanksgiving. Okay, so we don't wear pajamas, but we definitely don't put on dresses and suits like you see in movie portrayals of Thanksgiving. How am I supposed to have room to gorge myself on delicious foods if I'm wearing control-top pantyhose? Leggings and boots or stretchy pants are much more accomodating. Or pajama jeans. Just saying...

3. Cranberry Sauce is sliced.
And if it don't have the can marks on it (y'all know what I'm talking about) then it ain't REAL cranberry sauce. Amiright? Amiright?

4. At least one thing is fried...and it's sometimes the turkey itself.
This doesn't count now because the rest of the country has caught on to the deliciousness of a fried turkey.

5. We have dressing, not stuffing.
And it is served in a casserole dish alongside the turkey and not IN the turkey. That's some weird mess y'all. A turkey filled with stuffing...BAH!

6. We don't experiment.
Thanksgiving is not the time to experiment with new recipes. The results could be mutinous.

7. We usually eat Thanksgiving lunch, linner and dinner.
We just eat all day. The food never really leaves the kitchen counters or tables.

8. Macaroni and cheese is considered a vegetable.
Duh. And so are sweet potatoes (with the brown sugar, cinnamon and marshmallows on top)!

9. Football is guaranteed.
Even if your teams aren't playing, a football game is on TV. And in my house, the Macy's Thankgiving Day parade is always on before.

10. Beige food reigns supreme.
Thanksgiving is the beginning of the beige food season. This is when foods that happen to be about the same color all find their way onto your plate. Squash casserole, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, corn casserole, dressing, mashed potatoes, potato salad, bread, turkey, etc. It's all beige.

And it's all delicious.


What sort of traditions do you and your family have for Thanksgiving? Are our Southern ways weird to you? HA!

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  1. I agree with all of these. Dress up on Thanksgiving?? Do people do that? Nope, comfy jeans/leggings and a flowy top to hide my food baby.

  2. We do not dress for Thanksgiving at all. So weird. I need a big top. We also eat all day.

    We have in the bird and out of the bird stuffing.

  3. As a Southern girl myself, I agree, except #9. We're not football people. We watch the Macy's parade and then the dog show (my daughter is allergic to dogs, but she LOVES them).

  4. oh my gosh, I always talk about "beige foods" too haha (which are basically all the carbs!) and love canned cranberry sauce too!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. you are hilarious. especially about the beige food. :) amen.

    i dont always dress up. unless i find a cute little dress. which i did last year and this year.
    so i'm slightly excited about that part. :) plus i'm cooking so after i wear grubbies all day in the kitchen, me and the bird will both be transformed by dinner!

  6. Control top pantyhose, haha! We definitely don't dress up either! Who wants to sit around in fancy clothes and be stuffed/miserable?! Not me!


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