Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to: Wear Tights

Well, unless you live in Australia...or maybe southern California, it's probably tights season where you live.

Allow me to do a brief public service announcement on wearing tights. I think tights are a great way to give more flexibility to your spring/summer wardrobe by allowing them to be worn more. They help bring that clothing more into the fall/winter seasons. However...

PEOPLE - stop wearing suntan colored panythose. Unless you specifically have to wear that color (had to when I did competition dancing) there is no reason you should be buying them. Seriously, just say NO.

Not only are these colored hose very dated, but they are completely un-natural looking. I'm not a huge proponent of flesh colored pantyhose anyway, unless you can match them to your skin tone and it doesn't look like you are wearing any. If I were to match my skin tone I usually buy the "almond" or "ivory" colored tights and they work. :)

A much better solution for wearing skirts/dresses in the fall and winter are tights, and specifically dark or opaque tights. In my office, I wear black opaque (not sheer or see-through) tights, patterened tights or black pantyhose with dresses and skirts. I think black is definitely the go-to color for tights now but I also think navy and dark gray will work too for a more professional environment.

If you have a casual work atmosphere, you can be adventurous with mustard yellow, hunter green, cobalt blue or even something with multiple colors. Target has a great selection of tights and I also love We Love Colors.

how to wear tights

So, to recap: Suntan or blatantly non-flesh colored pantyhose are a no. Stick with black, navy or a sheer/patterened version of either for work wear. Stop making your legs look orange, people!

Also - the words "tights" and "pantyhose" are often interchangeable but I differentiate the two by using tights for those that are more opaque or thicker. You can't really see your leg through them. Hose allow the leg to be seen through them. Does that help?

Do you wear tights? How do you change up your summer looks with them?


  1. Okay, so my new issue with tights is the length of the dress and the height of the shoe. If I wear tall boots, I feel like my skirt should be above the knee to wear tights. But none of my skirts are above the knee. So I guess I would only wear tights with flats or short boots. Right?

  2. I LOVE TIGHTS. I'm currently wearing my navy blue ones. I would like to own some mustard ones or more patterned ones. Hopefully I'll get some in my stocking.

    I saw some "sweater tights" the other day. I guess they are just more textured - I'm not sure how easy they would be to style.

  3. Darn. Why does everybody hate on pantyhose? I wear nude pantyhose almost every day because otherwise my legs get too cold! Also because black/other colors don't always go with my outfits. I'm hoping that I can single-handedly bring pantyhose back into style! Me and Kate Middleton, I mean.


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