Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress

Okay, first things first:

Something VERY important to share with y'all...we've set a date!

APRIL 12, 2014

That will be our 16 month anniversary to the day! We are so excited about it and we only have 5 months to go! So with that, I've jumped headfirst into planning!

One of the biggest hurdles I've yet to get over is THE DRESS.

I've watched my share of "Say Yes to the Dress" and have been to lots of bridal stores so I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of how things are. Like in many things, I like to have a plan of attack, so to speak, so for dress shopping, it's no different. However, my actual plan is bit different than the norm in terms of wedding dress shopping. (This should really be a recurring theme on Wedding April does things different than normal.)

I plan on going to try on dresses (all different shapes and silhouettes) in order to see what styles of dresses look good on my body. That's a normal step that most brides take. But my next step will be to then go and order the dress online. Yep! Once I figure out my fave silhouette, I can order it online and have it fairly quickly. Then if I need alterations or adjustments I can have them made here.

This eliminates me having to go to a dress shop multiple times. And it doesn't limit me to the lines/designers that the particular dress shop carries. Plus, I can find a dress I like for a fraction of the price I'd pay in a bridal dress store.

I know what y'all are thinking...this girl is crazy. She's gonna order her dress online without trying on before? Well. Yes. Yes, I am.

I like to live on the edge.

But the only problem I've sort of run into so far is that the silhouettes I love probably won't look so great on my body type. Now, I won't completely cross anything off until I see it because you never know...but something about these types of dresses just appeal to me. (and don't worry, these aren't THE dresses, just ideas and shapes I like and want to keep in mind)

L-R: Sweetheart A-Line Almost Ballgown: This is the silhouette I love but that would probably look like poo on me; Sheath V-Neck: Love this! But does it look like wedding dress? I struggle with that; Mermaid/Trumpet/Bell: Like the look but not sure how it would look on me; Short with Sleeves: This is unusual and unexpected. Like me! But is it appropriate for an indoor church wedding? Not sure...; Classic A-Line Silhouette: This is probably along the lines of what I would normally go with. It's a classic look for ladies with my body type and it's very flattering.

Thoughts? Married ladies, how did you decide on the silhouette or style of your dress?


  1. I think that sleeved dress would work for an indoor wedding and it seems just different enough to be you. Also, i'm not sure I see the difference between the first and the last, except the skirt is just a bit more full on the last.
    I think if anyone could order a wedding dress online, it would be you.

  2. We have the same wedding date! Wedding date twinsies!! :)

  3. I tried on only one wedding dress, loved it, left the store and ordered it from a pre-owned wedding dress website (NWT!). They luckily had my dress in my size. Then when I went for alterations (and to add a bustle, which didn't come with the store's dress either), I found out that the dress fit me PERFECTLY, length and everywhere else. Only alteration needed was that bustle. SCORE!

    This dress, the only wedding dress I ever tried on, was THE dress and still is. I currently have it stored in my closet awaiting the day Selah asks about it. :)

  4. Dress shopping is so stinking fun! I want to know what color you are going with!

    I think there are so many lovely options. The only think I ever don't like about dresses is over-embellishment. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU PICK.

  5. I went into dress shopping assuming I would get an A-line. And that's exactly what happened- it actually might be the dress you posted up there!! The only other ones that I even considered were lace sheath dresses- which were absolutely gorgeous. But I still ended up with pretty much exactly what I thought.

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