Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday: Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Though I will not be hosting Thanksgiving this year, I do enjoy a chance to help with decorating the table or the "tablescape" as one of my fave tv chefs Sandra Lee says. Below are five of my favorite Thanksgiving table ideas.

Non-Traditional Colors

Incoporating a non-traditional Thanksgiving color (or two) like the rich royal purple in the photo above is a great way to add a modern/fresh hint to your table AND incorporate your own serveware/dishes that may not be traditional Thanksgiving colors.



A Pumpkin & A Princess
The addition of gilded or metallic items like pumpkins, pinecones or votive candleholders really class up a Thanksgiving table, in my opinion.
Natural, Unexpected Elements
I love the idea of this tree/branch with the candle holes drilled in. It does seem large on the table, but it's really quirky and interesting.
Painted Pumpkins
I do realize that pumpkins occur in white, right? Either way, I like the idea of unifying an element (in this case multicolored pumpkins) with a color. The white is repeated in the candles and plates as well.
Unique Color Schemes
Perhaps you'd like to go with a color scheme that is completely unique and non-Thanksgivingy. I love this white, yellow, tan and orange theme in the picture above.


  1. I get to host Thanksgiving this year and one of my most favorite parts is creating the centerpieces/tablescape! I love the white pumpkins and the last pic a whole lot.

  2. I love the pumpkins with the twigs wrapped around them!


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