Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm Obsessed...

Well, it's no secret around these blog parts that I'm slightly obsessed with Christmas. And Target.

So, it's quite the understatement to say that I'm OBSESSED with Target's 2013 Christmas entertainment/decor line. Y'all...for real. TRUST me. And, take a look for yourself...

Snowflake Round Tumbler Set of 4 - Gold (Small)

Threshold Acrylic Stemless Wine Glass Red Dots

Threshold Double Old-Fashioned Tumbler Cheers

Fox and Moose Tall Tumbler Set of 4

Rachael Ray Holiday Hoot Round Platter - 14"

Holiday Ceramic Milk Jug Set of 2 - (Small)

Holiday Square Checker Plate Set of 4 - Red

Peace, Noel, Joy, Shine Appetizer Plate set of 4

Do you like any of those items? I think the stemless wine glasses and the "CHEER" glasses would look really awesome on my Christmas table. I'm just saying...
Also - I just wanted to briefly express my gratitude and appreciation for all of our veterans on this Veteran's Day. Specifically, I'll thank those near and dear to me: Cousins Vincent, Mike, Rock and David; Uncles Paul, Andy and Frank; Grandfathers Clarence, David, Brian and Harry and friends including Mordy, Chris, Rob and many others. From a grateful nation, we thank you.


  1. I have SO MANY Christmas dishes and glasses. That being said I love the Cheer glasses and the final app plate set.

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