Monday, November 18, 2013

In the Shadow of the Sinus

I've pretty much been out of commission for the last week with a cold...that developed into a sinus infection and a double ear infection. Lucky me.

I worked probably a total of 25 hours last week and spent the other 20 or so in bed. For me to spend that much time in bed and NOT working is very unusual. I started feeling ill last Friday night, so, 10 days later I am finally on the mend. Hallelujah!

During the last 10 days affectionately called my time In the Shadow of the Sinus, I went through 1 bottle of antibiotics, 4 boxes of tissues, 1 box of Mucinex D, 1 bag of Vitamin D drops and various nasal sprays and antihistamines along with Seasons 1-5 and 7 of The Office.

I do not have a lot of blog content today, just a quick check in. Tomorrow, I promise an actual post.

But since I want to end this post on a picture, how about this one?

We booked our honeymoon this weekend. HELLO JAMAICA!!!!


  1. AHHHHH!!! JAMAICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DREAMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. your wedding gift is gonna be sunscreen :)

  3. Have you warned Mark about your flying?

  4. Have you warned Mark about your flying?

  5. Sinus infections are the worst.

    AND WAIT WTF I missed an announcement. You are engaged?


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