Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fantasy Football Dream(y) Team

I love, LOVE some fantasy football. When I first ventured into it a few years ago I had the brilliant smart funny idea to pick my fantasy football players based on looks and not skill. (Call me shallow...and that's fine. But I really thought there might be some merit to looks vs. skill level!)

Unfortunately, the Pink Ponies came in 2nd from last that year. I learned my lesson that when it comes to fantasy football, looks aren't always an indicator that your player will do well. :)

But it got me thinking that there's nothing wrong with picking a team based soley on their physical long as I don't ever plan on playing that team in a real league. My fantasy football dream(y) team roster would be as follows...

Lemme just say...I had a HARD time finding cute running backs. But li'l Bishop is a cutie...even though his NFL official photo doesn't look so hot. This one is much better. But then I think Victor Cruz and my Drew have bad NFL photos and are much cuter in person. :) Also, did you have any doubts in your mind that The Drew wouldn't be in my roster? A close runner up for that position is the precious Tony Romo. He's just so dang cute!

M actually has a theory that the uglier the player the better they take that as you will. HA!

Who would you add to my team?

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  1. You need a kicker! May I suggest Dan Bailey :) And a defense, so go with the Texans for JJ Watt.


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