Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Word Dump Wednesday

Let me apologize before you get very far into this post. It's a word dump. The random thoughts going through my mind. A proverbial diarrhea of the mind and mouth...for your reading pleasure. Let's proceed.

1. I'm looking forward to eating our wedding cake on our anniversary. Our baker is making a small cake for us in the same flavor/design as our wedding cake for our anniversary. We opted for this when ordering the cake to save money. Plus, we don't have to eat year-old cake. Duh. But I'm already looking forward to it. Think there is some sort of 6 month wedding cake eating tradition?

2. Honeycrisp apples. Seriously, they are the most amazing thing. That with some peanut butter on the side makes for one amazing snack. My ONLY complaint is that they are all on the large side for apples. I have to share because I usually can't finish one. I wish they made mini honeycrisp apples.

Because I love miniature everything.

3. On that note, did you know there is farm of miniature animals? I will be planning a special trip to go there...and it is on my life list...cough....M....cough. I need to see this place.

On another similar note: Meet Percy.

4. I'm running another 5k this Saturday. Actually it's the same one I ran last year...but I'm way more worried this year because I haven't been training for it like I did last year. Sigh.

5.  I'm a very light sleeper. I've always been this way. It's become much more of an issue in the last few months with the addition of another human (M) in my bed. He's a thrasher and a talker. Part of me wants to stay awake just to see if he says anything funny. Between a thrashing husband and a dog that spends his evenings alternating between grooming, loudly dreaming and pacing the master bathroom...Zzquil has become a close friend.

6. I hate when Netflix removes some of the shows I'm watching...while I'm watching them. It irks me to no end. On October 1st, apparently they removed Clean House and I was in the middle of Season 4. BUT they added House Hunters, Love it or List it and Man Vs. Food'm torn. Really, can't they just ADD stuff instead of removing it?

7. I made breakfast for dinner on Tuesday night and came to the following conclusions: I love bacon but I hate cooking it. (I can thank the grease that flew on to my face for that.) I love bacon but I hate that it literally makes my house smell like bacon for the next 72 days. I love bacon but I'm not that great at cooking it. It's either limp or burned. And finally, the fact that M and I love our scrambled eggs cooked the exact same way means we are destined to be together forever, right? :)

8. Our next door neighbors have gone crazy with their Halloween decorations. Like...stahp. It's enough. We live in townhomes. Our front yards are a postage-stamp sized square and theirs is literally covered in Halloween garb...complete with lights and an inflatable ghost. Also, they are Yankees...and it's recently come to my attention that Yankees or Midwesterners tend to go all out on Halloween decorations more than Southern people. I'd never thought about this until someone mentioned it. Now, it seems so true! Everyone I know that has extensive Halloween decor are from the North or the Northern Midwest. How strange is that?! I wonder if it has anything to do with The South and the Bible Belt? (Many very religious people don't celebrate Halloween...and for lots of mom included...they think it's The Devil's night. True story.) Have you ever witnessed or taken part in this phenomenon? Do you have lots and lots of Halloween decorations?


  1. I bake my bacon as well. So much easier! Just make sure the pan has sides!

    We need to get going on the Halloween decor. I don't like it out too long, so this weekend is probably the weekend to get it out.

  2. Haha, the Yankees and decorations. Laugh out loud. The joys of having neighbors right on top of you. I find most Halloween decoration tacky. But I feel the same way about most blow up over the top Christmas decorations. Growing up, my mom never us let us be devils or anything scary because she was religious.

  3. I'm a light sleeper too (Our air conditioning unit drives me bananas!). I've been wanting to use ZZquil for a while but haven't gotten around to getting it as it's not at the grocery store nearest to our house. How is it when you wake up? Do you have a groggy feeling from the medicine?

    Netflix does have that irritating habit of taking shows that you really love to watch and putting others that you wouldn't ever watch in your whole life. I'm happy that Man Vs Food is back! I'll have to look at it again! Right now I'm just about to finish Scandal. That show right there...

  4. This is a great idea! Thank you!


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