Monday, April 4, 2016

20 Things I Hate More than College Basketball

College basketball is pretty much the bane of my existence. Even though my state's got a pony in the race, I'm over it. All of it. Brackets, games that start at weird times, games on all #overit I'll be glad when tonight's game is done. :)

However, there are some things I loathe even more than college basketball. Here's a brief list. (inspired by Sarah)

1. Soft grapes
You know the ones in the bag that are mushy and soft. GET OUTTA MY WAY.

2. Mud
Always. It serves no purpose except to complicate my hikes and mess up my shoes.

3. Cucumbers
What are you? Why do you smell weird? Why do you have seeds? How are you so watery?

4. MMA/Wrestling
Gag me. Seriously.  I hate it all.

5. Video games
I'd much rather have a good book to occupy my time.

6. Very windy days
No ideal if you are wearing a dress. Or clip-in hair extensions. A windy day when you're wearing  both is devastating.

7. Uggs

8. Sunburns
A frequent thing for those as pale as I.

9. Unloading & loading the dishwasher
Literally my most hated household chore. I'd do just about anything before I chose to unload and load the dishwasher.

10. Country music

11. The term "girl boss"
Read my post from last week in case you missed it.

12. Nuts
Any kind. I don't hate nut products (like peanut butter) but I hate actual whole nuts. Gross. And if you put them on my brownies or in my cookies, I will cut you.

13. When wrapping paper doesn't fit your gift and the corners don't mix
You know what I'm talking about. I hate it with a fire of a thousand suns.

14. People who do not follow the rules of driving
Stay in your lane. Do not try to cheat the system and cut in at the last minute. Go the speed limit and stay in the right lane if you are traveling slower than the other traffic. Also, big trucks - stay in the right lane.

15. Lettuce
Any and all forms. Get away from me.

16. Humidity
And unfortunately I live in one of the most humid parts of the US.

17. Watching golf
Or golf in general. With the exception of Wii golf.

18. Google+
I hate this with the fire of a thousand suns. Google won't just let it DIE!!!

19. Pollen
Everything has a thin yellow film on it this time of year. And it's disgusting.

20. Deciding where/what to eat for dinner
The nightly debate of where/what to eat is literally the worst.


  1. Ha! I love March Madness. But I hate NFL football so I could make a similar list for that. LOL.

    I love the cucumber - always have! Have you ever tried the seedless?

  2. I HATE deciding where to go for dinner! That's the worst!

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