Thursday, April 14, 2016

Insta-Outfits v.6

And now for another short edition of Insta-Outfits! These are the outfits I've posted on Instagram lately. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see them (and more weird stuff too).

We had some cooler temps in the area so I decided to rock my plaid flannel shirt once more before it gets hot. To soften the blow of the flannel in April, I paired with a pastel cardigan and bright necklace. 

I posted that this is one of those tops I never wear because I have a hard time styling it. I bought this top to pair with other prints since it is neutral colors but I struggle with it. So I decided to pair with my tried and true combo of a bright cardigan and a statement necklace. 

I hate this (blue) dress. It's so weird fitting. Hence, why y'all only got a chest-up shot. But I did love my colors this day. I think that makes up for the weird dress. 

In stark contrast, I went from an ill-fitting, weird dress to two of my favorite dresses. Interestingly enough the ill-fitting one and this pink striped one are both from Old Navy. Go figure. Anywho, I'm obsessed with this pink and white striped one and would wear it more often but I always seem to get a stain on it when i wear it. This is why I have a hard time wearing white. Sigh....

Yesterday's piece de resistance was my Easter dress. I saw this puppy online and loved it so much I bought it right away, having no idea how it might fit. I totally love it an want to wear it every day now. It has a cinched/elastic waist, 3/4 sleeves and comes down to my knees. Literally, it's perfection. It's not actually low in the neckline, but the angle I was holding the camera made the picture look a little...boobalicious. So I spared y'all and my Insta audience from the details. :)


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