Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Show Us Your Books: March Reads

I'm so excited to link up today with Jana & Steph. I've took a hiatus on reading anything new in January and February but I came back with a vengeance in March. Here's what I've enjoyed last month.

The Pretty Goods
These two were about 3 salted caramels on my scale from one to five. 

I liked the inside look into Alzheimer's and how it can affect someone but it was also a bit scary. Overall I liked this book and enjoyed the different points of view as I read. This book seemed like real people and not characters, if that made any sense. Some of the human emotion complexities surprised me and I thought the author defined them well. This book is about a successful woman who works in her father's business and takes over after he dies from Alzheimer's. The entire second half of the book is about her finding herself and was a tad "Eat Pray Love" for me but still good. 

I enjoyed this book simply because it intrigued me. This is another book that's told from multiple character's viewpoints and I enjoyed getting into the heads of some of them. I did not enjoy reading the perspective of the murderer though. The book kept me guessing and I didn't guess the killer until it was revealed. That's a good sign for me! 

The Excellents
These got either four or five out of five salted caramels.

First off, I found a new author I like. She writes really well and I loved this book so much I found a few of her other ones to read. This is about a woman who is abducted and held hostage for a year in a remote cabin in the woods by a deranged man. The book takes place after she is rescued but the details are unfolded in sessions with her shrink. I couldn't put this book down! Seriously, you should definitely read this one! 

I think this book was written after Orange is the New Black came out. There were prison scenes that really reminded me of the show. Anyway, this is about a woman who is wrongfully imprisoned for a murdering her sister when she was 18. She  gets out and tries to rehabilitate herself and move on with her life in the same town she used to live before she went to jail. The only problem is that the same person who killed her sister is still loose and is now killing others. Being an ex-con she gets the short end of the stick and must find the killer before she is framed and sent away again. I laughed and cried with this book and found myself rooting for the main character. I didn't guess the killers either so it was a good surprise! 

PS: If you haven't noticed yet, I got a new blog look thanks to Sarah. If you want to give your blog a new look on budget, I recommend checking her out. She's got some awesome designs and installs everything for you. (seriously a lifesaver) If you're reading in a feed, click here to see the new look!

PPS: Today is M and my second anniversary! Happy Anni to you, my heart! I love you! 


  1. Sweet new blog look!

    I added Green Lake to my list immediately.

    I liked Still Missing and I think I have That Night on my list already.

  2. I definitely enjoy Chevy Stevens as a writer. I read That Night in a day last year.

  3. i will definitely be checking out chevy stevens, those books sound interesting. green lake also sounds interesting.

  4. I believe Still Missing on my TBR, it sounds familiar, but my TBR is getting a bit out of control. :) That Night also sounds great - will have to check it out!

  5. I am adding Green Lakes and Still Missing to my list! I love finding a new author that I love!

  6. I have had Still Missing on my list forever! Need to read it ASAP!

  7. I really liked That Night and didn't even know about Still Missing. Adding it to my list!

  8. Still Missing is sitting on my book shelf at home waiting to be read. I have a feeling I'll hit that in June (when I'm challenging myself to read ONLY books that I currently own). Glad to hear it is a good one.

  9. Still Missing sounds incredible! Definitely on my TBR list!


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