Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Unpopular Opinion: Why Brunch is the Worst



Brunch is literally the worst. Here's why...

-one- It's indecisive.
It's neither breakfast nor lunch. It's an ungodly union of both. I'm already indecisive so I don't need anything else in my life that is.

-two- It's too current.
It's one of those buzz words you hear all the time, mostly by yuppie people at country clubs. It's popular and trendy and I hate it.

-three- It's not satisfying.
I'm either in the mood for breakfast (rarely since I kind of don't like breakfast foods) or lunch but not both. So, no, I do not want a chicken salad sandwich with grits and sausage egg muffins. If I want lunch, my tastebuds are set on lunch. Not grits and quiche. I don't want to eat my Chef Boyardee ABCs and 123s with scrambled eggs and biscuits. That's disgusting.

-four- It's bourgie.

-five- It's usually ridiculously expensive.
People think they can overcharge for breakfast when it's at 11 AM. NO MA'AM! I see you! I see what you're trying to do. That sausage biscuit was $4 at 7 AM and now it's $11.95?

That's all. Hopefully I've made a completely sound and unbiased argument for why brunch is the worst. :)

Also, this does exclude breakfast for dinner. I often enjoy breakfast for dinner because it's completely breakfast (read: not some hybrid of foods) just at a different time of day. 


  1. Brunch is my absolute favorite and it's an opportunity to drink champagne at 11AM. Win!!!!

  2. I definitely agree that it's overrated, but probably because I don't drink and therefore don't get to enjoy mimosas or Bloody Marys.

  3. This whole post is just wrong Apes. Brunch is absolutely the best thing. Alcohol with breakfast = alcoholic, alcohol with brunch = totally normal. Also getting to eat breakfast and lunch together is like heaven.


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