Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wardrobe Consultation v.2

I posted before about doing some "wardrobe consultation" and outfit-making for my mom. Well, over the weekend I did it again with some newer items she'd purchased over the last year. Here's a recap of what I did last year if you missed it. You may see some of the same pieces from last year and there are definitely some repeats this time. I'm a big fan of mixing and matching with the same pieces to achieve different looks.

Here are some outfits from this past weekend.

I really enjoyed doing this. Anyone else localish (Charlotte/Fort Mill) need me to come make you some outfits? :)


  1. Really good stuff! You have a lovely style.

  2. man.. you can match colors like nobody's business! Wish i lived closer to you!!!

  3. Your mom is one stylish dresser. I like your color combos!

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  5. I do!!! I really just need someone to tell me what to wear and what looks good (or would look good) on me. My husband (drummer Timmy) is useless!


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