Thursday, December 16, 2010


I've only recently become a hat person. But I normally just rock a baseball cap or straw hat in the summer at the beach or on the lake. After seeing a few ladies wearing super-cute winter knit hats, (including my friend Amie who seems to always look cute in them) I've decided to give it a try. And by "giving it a try", I literally mean trying on my sister's crochet brimmed toboggan hat. I really loved it and the way it looked. Although I wouldn't suggest wearing it unless you plan on having your hair be visible underneath. (note, this works well with short hair long as it's visible) I found that if you wear it without showing any hair, it can come across as masculine. Well, as least it did for me. Here are some beauties I found on Etsy. Enjoy and happy hatting!


  1. I LOVE HATS! Thanks for the mention! The first hat is super stylish.

  2. winter is nearly close and it is time for me to hoard on lots of hats for the season as i absolutely adore some coverings for the head. all of these pieces look so cute. i am getting all of them


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