Tuesday, December 7, 2010

top 5 tuesday: christmas gift sites

I've mentioned before that I enjoy giving the perfect gifts and sometimes the stores just don't have "exactly" what I need for that perfect present...whether it be random and hilarious or sweet and sentimental. So, today's Top 5 is the top five websites I use (and love) for not only Christmas gifts but birthdays and other occasions. [Note: Many of them are offering free shipping deals for the holidays!]

1. Perpetual Kid. This site is for those people in your life with a unique and unorthodox sense of humor. Don't believe me? Try looking up Baconnaise, cupcake shower cap and dog pencil sharpener.

2. Modcloth. Aside from the cute vintage clothes (which can be a tad pricey), this site has great home/bath/office stuff that anyone will appreciate. From peapod salt and pepper shakers to Matryoshka measuring cups.

3. Palmetto Moon. This one is great for girls and guys who appreciate all things Southern. Whether it be the ACC, SEC, Guy Harvey or Costa Del Mar stuff, there is something for everyone! This is where I'm most inclined to...um...pick up a little something for myself as well. :)

4. Shutterfly. This is perfect for those who have a more sentimental style. It's so easy to create a photo book or other cute gift (mug, wall hanging, etc) with a favorite picture. Think...naked baby picture of yourself on a mug for your in-laws. HA! Or, you could be more "serious" and do a photo book of you and your siblings through the years for your mom.

5. Etsy. It's a veritable wonderland of gifts. There is almost anything you could ever want on here. It's an artisans' marketplace and full of unique and creative gifts. You can type in any keywords at the top and it will search through everything on the site and give you customized results. Where else could one find a pink and orange owl knit cap?

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