Thursday, December 2, 2010

LBT (little black top)

In part 2 of the LBD (LBT) series, I'll explore the many wonderful options that can be created using the simple black shirt. Much like the Little Black Dress, the little black top can be just as versatile when you choose the right accessories to go with it. So, without any further adieu, here we go!

First, we start with a basic black shirt. I have many long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve black v-necked shirts from Old Navy, Target and Gap.

If you want to do a weekend-wear look, or a casual office look, try pairing with some simple bootcut jeans and add a tote, cute flats and some pearls. Because, in the south, we roll with pearl studs.

Perhaps you'd rather step it up a bit and dress up the LBT for an evening out or a holiday party. Try adding a skirt (like this new fave) with opaque tights, bright flats and a bold necklace. Shoes are from Target, skirt is from Old Navy.

Finally, if you've got a dressy affair to attend and want to take this basic black tee to the next level, I suggest pairing with a blazer, some dress pants, sparkly or metallic heels and a bright clutch. Pants, clutch and shoes from Target. Blazer from Old Navy.

A note: The basic BLACK shirt is chosen because of the versatility of the color. While I have seen this look pulled off with other solid colored shirts, I'd stick with black, because, as my mama says "Black is universal."


  1. I've seen these skirts at Old Navy but was hesitant to purchase because it is winter. But you say if I pair it with opaque tights I can pull that off? I'm so hopeless!

  2. YES JILL! Black opaque tights will most definitely work with it. I, too, have been lusting over it but was hesitant to make such a seemingly extravagant purchase so close to Christmas.

    It's pretty safe to say that retailers won't have most of these items out unless they were in season. (except for summer clearance)


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