Tuesday, December 14, 2010

top 5 tuesday: best Christmas gifts I've received

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today, so for this week's Top 5 post, I'll write about the best Christmas gifts I've ever received. Perhaps today's post will encourage you to reminisce about your own favorites...

1. Pony Surprise. This was one of those "trendy" toys of the early 90s. It was a plush animal (it came as a Kitty, Puppy, Pony, Bunny or Cub) whose stomach could be opened (it was a velcro-closure) and it had baby animals inside the belly. The surprise was you didn't know if there'd be 3 or 4 or 5 and what sex(es) they were. I had a pink Pony surprise and she had 3 baby ponies inside...2 boys and a girl. It was such a great gift, however anatomically and biologically incorrect it was. I still remember the song! "Surprise, surprise, it's Pony Surprise! A mommy one with babies inside. There can be 3 or 4 or 5!!!" Maybe you remember this?

2. Teepee. We have this on camera when my sisters and I woke up on Christmas morning to a full-sized Native American teepee set up in our living room! It was huge and so exciting! I wonder what happened to that thing...

3. Puppy Backpack. Strangely enough, another of my top 5 gifts has to do with animals and trends. This one came a little later (think 6th or 7th grade) and it was a plush animal that was also a backpack/purse. I even posted a picture of what it looked like. Mine was a dalmatian dog purse.

4. Ring. Last year my parents gave me a beautiful diamond circle ring. I was absolutely stunned that I got it because it was completely unexpected. However, it definitely made for a top 5 gift.

5. Baby Doll Stroller. This one came from my mom's memory. She said all my sister and I talked about one year was a stroller for our baby dolls. That's all we wanted and what we asked everyone for that year. So, on Christmas morning when it finally showed up, I'm sure we were both thrilled!!

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  1. I don't remember pony surprise! I got puppy surprise and I thought it was the coolest thing in the whole wide world! This is a really great post.


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