Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LBD (or LBT or LBS)

In honor of my friend Jill, my post today will be a little more specific about the LBD or Little Black Dress.

There are a few things one should know about this LBD phenomenon...and you mustn't spread this around...but, the LBD doesn't have to be an actual LBD to have the same effect. Meaning, you don't actually have to wear a little black dress, specifically, to acheive that same festive effect for holiday parties and get togethers. I'm talking LBtop or LBsweater or even LBskirt. But for today's post, I'll deal with the dress itself.
Another point to remember is that the LBD can be worn in almost ANY situation. The accessories are what can transition it from casual, to daytime wear, to evening, to formal.
So to my friend who thinks she doesn't have an occasion that's dressy enough to warrant wearing her LBD, I scoffingly laugh and say, "Nay!". It just isn't so. You may ask, "how is that possible?". Well, my friends, here are some ideas...

Take your basic LBD sheath dress. (this one is from
With the right accessories, you can make this look work for a daytime (office) party, or just another day at work. (cardi & accessories from Old Navy)

Or, if you want to step it up a bit (by adding a little sparkle), you can try something like this for a evening event that's still slightly casual. (Cardi from Old Navy, bag & shoes from Target)

Or, if you've got a big she-bang going on, do it up like this! (All accessories from Target)

A good rule of thumb that I learned from my extremely southern mother and grandmother is that while you can be overdressed, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Why not make a statement?!

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  1. Wow. I loved this post. More fashion blogs, please! I still think my lbd is too fancy for most occasions. I'm wishing I could upload a picture here for you to see. Of course, I forgot that I also got an LBD from you recently that I have been planning to wear to work with my scarf (I just purchased my first non-winter weather scarf a few weeks ago.), it's just been too cold lately.


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