Wednesday, February 16, 2011

diy picture frames and easy art ideas

I have quite the collection of random picture frames but not enough art or photographs to put in them.

If I learned anything by being a frugal decorator, it's that you can frame ANYTHING. Literally. I've framed cute greeting cards, postcards, artistic advertisements from magazines, photographs, photographs of photographs and even cute sayings or scriptures that I've written and glued onto torn paper. If I like it, I'll frame it.

With that in mind, I also like different and unique frames, however, these can cost a pretty penny at many stores. So, what to do? Well, I'll just embellish my own, thank you! I started out with a simple black frame from the dollar store and some old beads (leftovers from my jewelry making days). I picked some with a similar theme (I was going for a beachy, sea glass look) and just hot glued them in a haphazard fashion and kept adding until I achieved the look I wanted. I think these turned out pretty well.

Oh and here's a picture of some of the torn paper scripture art I did today. It works for me. And when I get tired of it, I can just make a new one!!


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