Tuesday, February 1, 2011

top 5 tuesday: best things about having a dog

Today is my precious little Hewitt's 8th birthday, so my top 5 post for this week will be about dogs.

Without any further adieu, here are the top 5 best things about having a dog:

1. Greetings. Dogs are no joke when it comes to greeting you whenever you come home. Seriously, it doesn't matter if I come home from being at work all day or just from taking a jog around the neighborhood, dogs enthusiastically greet you everytime you walk through the door. Add some tail wags and hopping and you've got an excellent reason to come home!

2. Head tilts. Dogs are very funny creatures. I think that my dog can secretly understand English and can talk but chooses not to do so. I love when he tilts his head whenever I talk to him or make a funny noise. Sometimes, if the noise continues, he tilts his head almost upside down. It is hilarious!

3. Foot warmers. Dogs are cuddlers. Even my little old man likes to cuddle every once in a while. He'll get up on the couch and just lay with his little furry body touching my leg and fall asleep. Sometimes, he even lays across my feet when they are cold and his little 98.6 degree body warms them up in no time.

4. Simplicity. Dogs are easy. Mine has a pretty normal schedule and he sticks to it.  His life is simple. Love master. Eat food and treats. Go potty/walk. Sleep. Play with babies. (his toys are his babies..obviously not REAL babies) Ah, if only my life could be so simple.

5. Cuteness. Not this one could be a bit subjective depending on the dog, but for the most part dogs are cute. I love their furry heads and ears. I love dogs that have moustaches and beards or scraggly hair. They are cute even when they carry stuff in their mouth like their babies or my slipper. I can't even discipline mine sometimes because when he's being bad he's just so dang cute!

So there are the top 5 reasons I love dogs.

Here's a special Happy Birthday shout-out to my little old man Hewitt.


  1. Happy Birthday Hewitt! Love the picture of him yawning. Bon will be nine this year, I can't believe it.

  2. He is too cute! Love this post. Love all 5. I wish my pup was a cuddler. Only once in a VERY VERY rare blue moon will she voluntarily sit and snuggle. But she is so stinking cute! :)


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