Thursday, February 17, 2011

shoes on sevens

I'm starting a new recurring post on my blog. Here's the background story...

I've long been (accused of??) associated with having lots of shoes and in fact, I do. I've also lovingly been referred to as the Imelda Marcos of my time. Well, a girl DOES need to have options, right?

So, in an effort to share my love of shoes with the readers of my blog I will be doing a recurring post called Shoes on Sevens.

On days of the month that end with a 7 (7th, 17th, 27th) I'll post a picture of whatever pair of shoes I'm wearing for that day along with information about where they came from, if available.

You may not care at all about this post, but I am very excited. So, here's the inaugural picture of what I'm wearing today. Hopefully as time goes by, I'll be a little more creative with backgrounds and poses, but I figured I'd keep it simple for the first one.

Odell Ruffled flats by Mossimo Supply Co at Target


  1. I love the shoes, the concept and especially the title. Keep it up!

  2. YES! I think this will be fun! Also, I can tell that you are sitting in your office chair with your feet on the wall. : ) : ) : )


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