Monday, January 31, 2011

tax refund shopping list

It's the beginning of tax season. It's both a good time and a bad time because for some it means they owe Uncle Sam and for others it means Uncle Sam owes them. Fortunately, I'm a grossly underpaid, single, renting female with no human dependents, so I usually get a tax refund every year.

I enjoy planning out how I will use my tax refund and this year is no exception. However, I'm constantly bothered by the fact that I should really be putting this "extra" income to a good and sensible use and not just blow it on more clothes or social uses (dining out, movies, etc). So, I've decided to really think hard about how to use my tax refund this year and try to purchase things that I actually need or invest some of the money in a way that will SAVE me money in the long run.

Some ideas that I have are to...

- Invest in some good quality business clothes. Working in a casual wardrobe environment has allowed my business wardrobe to suffer. However, because I don't need a ton of these, it's wise to invest in a few quality pieces that will not only be classic/timeless in design, but well made so that I don't have to replace them next year. One of my favorites are the Perfect Trouser Pants from Gap. They are wonderfully tailored to fit those who are...ahem...blessed with curves.

- Pay off some debt. I don't really have a lot of debt (thank you Mom & Dad) but I do have a car loan. I'm at the point now where I've paid off all the interest and I'm only paying down the principle, so, a little bit of extra money on that loan will REALLY make the number go down dramatically.

- High-interest savings account. I have 2 normal savings accounts, but I was introduced to a high-interest (high yield) savings account by a friend. The Orange savings account by ING Direct is one that seems pretty interesting.

- A little luxury. All this investing and saving is good and all...but it's boring. :( Plus, a girl needs a little reward, right? So, I'm thinking it might be one of these...(all from Roxy)

How do you plan on using yours?

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  1. I love my ING account. Especially if you do an automatic draft from your checking once or twice a month. The numbers grow so fast... and it is not convenient enough to pilfer from like my normal savings account.

    I also love those sandals on the bottom. Super duper cute. I am ready for 70+ degree weather.


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